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100 Days of Safeguarding

During 2022 and into 2023 we will be running a 100 days of safeguarding campaign to reinforce existing messages, identify important local and national themes, update professionals about policies and procedures and share learning from reviews and audits. The messages will be a mixture of posters, briefings and documents. The messages are aimed at professionals as well as parents and we asks that you share them with your staff and where appropriate parents / members of the published. Messages will initially be published on the NSCP Twitter profile so make sure you are following us and a copy will then be added to this page which will then become a ‘one stop shop’ for all the information and links.

NSCP Twitter Account

Day 1 - Victim Blaming Language - Today’s message is an updated guide from the Children’s Society on the appropriate use of language when discussing with children their experience of exploitation. Click here to read the guide

Day 2 - Private Fostering - Do you understand what a Private Fostering arrangement is? Clcik here to find out more

Day 3 - Gambling by Young People - Are you worried about a young person gambling? Click here to read our tea break guide.

Day 4 - Young Carers - Today we shine a light on Young Carers and highlight the work Northamptonshire Carers do supporting these young people. Click here to visit their website to find out more. 

Day 5 - Medical Appointmnets "Was Not Brought" - This guide will help both health and social care practitioners to consider the implications/long term effects on children’s health, when they are not brought to health appointments. Click here to read the guide.

Day 6 - Body Image - Many young people struggle with their body image or suffer from eating disorders. There is an excellent resource on the YoungMinds website.

Day 7 - Child Au CSPR - Today we publish the Child Safeguarding Practice Review into the case of Child Au. Read the overview report and learning briefing

Day 8 - Knife Angel - The Knife Angel arrived in Northamptonshire today it will be in Northampton until May 14 when it will be moved to Corby with a brief stop in Wellingborough until May 30. Read more about this sculpture here. 

Day 9 - Radicalisation & Extremism - What is Prevent and What is it Not? Check out our 5 myth busting videos. Click here to view the videos

Day 10 - Drug Infused Sweets - A rise in the number of drug infused sweets have been seen in the county - find out more about what these are here

Day 11 - Knives End Lives - Our #KnivesEndLives material offer you a range of resources to teach young people about the dangers of knives. Click here to view the materials

Day 12 - Neglect of Medical Needs - Neglect of Medical Needs is a key area of safeguarding read more in our handy tea break guide here

Day 13 - DadPad - Not just for #firsttimedads, the #DadPad app is designed for all #dadstobe and #dads with a #newbaby in #Northamptonshire. Download for free now here.

Last updated: 20 May 2022

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