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100 Days of Safeguarding - Days 51 - 100

During 2022 and into 2023, the Partnership ran a 100 days of safeguarding campaign to reinforce existing messages, identify important local and national themes, update professionals about policies and procedures and share learning from reviews and audits. The messages were a mixture of posters, briefings and documents. The messages are aimed at professionals as well as parents and we ask that you share them with your staff and where appropriate, parents / members of the public. Messages were initially published on the NSCP Twitter profile and a copy was then added to this page which will then become a ‘one stop shop’ for all the information and links.

NSCP Twitter Account

Days 1 - 50 Messages

Day 51 - Online Safety - Do you follow @NCCcyberSafe - Simon offers a range of help and advice to keep our children & young people safe online.

Day 52 - Vulnerable Adolescent Panel (VAP) - Following from the success of our VAP you can read more about its work and how it can help you by reading our handy tea break guide here.

Day 53 - Mobile Families - Mobile families are families that move frequently between Local Authority areas. Our helpful guide will help you understand this area more. Read the guide here.

Day 54 - Fire Safety - Domestic fires can pose a significant risk to children. See our fire safety advice here

Day 55 - Engaging with Fathers / Male Role Models - Today’s message is a simple guide to strategies designed to help professionals engage with father’s / male role models when working with families. Read the guide here.

Day 56 - Dangerous Dogs - Do you know what to do if you suspect a dog within a family is dangerous - Check the NSCP guidance here

Day 57 - Parental Capacity to Change - Have you considered a parents capacity to change? It's a re-occurring theme in reviews and audits especially around Neglect. Read out guide here.

Day 58 - Trauma Informed Practice - Have you booked onto our Trauma Informed Training? - if not make sure you do here we guarantee you won't regret it

Day 59 - Trafficking - Would you know what to do if you suspected a child to be at risk of trafficking? Find out more here

Day 60 - Toy Safety - What are you paying for? When you’re shopping online, when you type in the brand name you want, you’re often presented with lots of options, including cheaper copycats that could be dangerous. Check this article on the CAPTCharity website

Day 61 – Homelessness - Are you working with a 16 / 17 year old at risk of homelessness - read the new NSCP procedure here

Day 62 - Magnets - When buying Christmas presents be aware of super strong magnets that can can be 10 times stronger than ordinary magnets. If swallowed the injuries they cause can be very serious and even life-threatening. Read more here

Day 63 - Cost of Living - Both North and West Northamptonshire Councils have a range of support and help available for families struggling with the cost of living. North Northamptonshire Support. West Northamptonshire Support

Day 64 - Button Batteries - Are you aware of the dangers button batteries can be for children if swallowed? Not only are they a chocking hazard but if swallowed can starts to corrode, allowing lethal acids to leak. click here

Day 65 - Domestic Abuse - The Domestic Abuse Act 2021, became law in 2021 and seeks to strengthen the response to Domestic Abuse and to give additional protections to victims. Read more here

Day 66 - Missing Children - All practitioners working with children and young people should read and be aware of the Missing from Home & Care Protocol. Click here to read the protocol

Day 67 - Happy Christmas - The NSCP would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas, and a very safe 2023. 100 Days of Safeguarding will return in January.

Day 68 - Flare Reporting App - We know not everyone wants to formally report catcalling, unwanted comments, touching or other forms of sexual harassment. You can now tell us anonymously via the Flare Report app. Search for Flare Reporting on Google Play or Apple Store. Click here for more information.

Day 69 - Allegations Against Staff - Do you know what to do if an allegation is made against one of your members of staff? Click here to view the procedure and webpage.

Day 70 - Children of Prisoners - In the UK currently over 312,000 children have a parent in prison. The children left behind are a vulnerable group who require additional support and a trauma informed approach from all those working with them. Find out more here 

Day 71 - Parental Drug Use and Misuse - ‘Parental substance misuse’ is the long-term misuse of drugs and/or alcohol by a parent or carer. Read more here

Day 72 - Dog Safety Code - The Dog Safety Code encourages everyone to be alert, aware and – most importantly – safe around dogs. Read more here

Day 73 - Fabricated and Induced Illness (FII) - FII involves a well child being presented by a carer as ill or disabled. Read our guide and guidance here

Day 74 - Information Sharing - We've updated our Information Sharing Protocol. The protocol sets out the ‘rules’ for sharing information and includes a myth buster and guidance. See the Protocol here

Day 75 - Thresholds & Pathways - Thresholds & Pathways should be used every time you make a referral or contact MASH. View the document here or book onto our Thresholds & Pathways training course. Click here

Day 76 - Safer Internet Day - Today is SaferInternetDay! The UK Safer Internet Centre have a number of useful resources to help you teach young people about online safety throughout the year.

Day 77 - Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - FGM is never ok - It is Child Abuse. Read more here.

Day 78 - Adolescent Neglect - Todays message is about the impact of neglect on adolescents and includes a tea break guide

Day 79 - Vouth Produced Imagery (Sexting) - Sexting occurs when a person/ young person shares a sexual message and/or a naked or semi-naked image, video or text message with another person. Sharing an image can lead to bullying and isolation and is also a possible indicator of exploitation. Read our Tea Break guide here

Day 80 - Bruising in Babies - This guide provides front line professionals with a knowledge base and action strategy for the assessment, management and referral of children who are not independently mobile, and who present with bruising or otherwise concerning marks. Guide here

Day 81 - Advrese Childhood Experiences (ACEs) - Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are stressful or traumatic events that happen in childhood and can affect people as adults. They include events that affect a child or young person directly, such as abuse or neglect. Guide here

Day 82 - Clare's Law - What is Claire's Law? Find out if someone you know is at risk of Domestic Abuse. Click here to find out more

Day 83 - #LookCloser - Were joining the @ChildrensSociety to #LookCloser.
Signs of child exploitation aren’t obvious but by knowing what to look for you’re more likely to spot when something isn’t right. Click here to view all the campaign resources.

Day 84 - Step Up to Social Work - It’s never too late to change careers or retrain to become a social worker and make a huge difference for children and families.
Applications are now open for the next #StepUpToSocialWork programme.

Day 85 - Disguised Non Compliance - What is Disguised Non Compliance? We hear the phrase a lot but what does it actually mean to us and our practice. Read out guide here.

Day 86 - Mental Health & The Internet - “Technology is not the problem. It is how we use it” - Read more about concerns and what you can do to help. Read the guide here.

Day 87 - Child Ba CSPR - We've published the Child Safeguarding Practice Review into the case of Child Ba. Read the overview report and learning briefing here.

Day 88 - Cross Border Working - Working with families who live close to county border or who frequently move between areas can be a challenge. Read our guide here.

Day 89 - Gangs / Conuty Lines - Any child can be exploited, whoever they are, wherever they live. Learn more about spotting the signs of child exploitation and help keep our children safe. Check out our CE Resouces Page

Day 90 - Extra Familial Harm - You may have heard the term extra- familial harm used more and more recently - find out more about what we mean and your role in preventing it here.

Day 91 - Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) - Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) is a matter of priority for Northamptonshire Police. We want all women and girls who live, work, socialise or study in Northamptonshire to not only be safe, but feel safe, whether that is in public spaces, at home or online. Read more here.

Day 92 - RISE - The RISE Team is Northamptonshire's specialist team at Reducing Incidences of Sexual Exploitation. Follow them on Twitter and learn more about the excellent work of the team.

Day 93 - CSE Day 2023 - Today is CSE Awareness Day. Can you spot the signs? #CEADay23 #EndCSEin23

Day 94 - Focus on Thresholds, Education and Learning - In the first of a series of 4 we take a closer look at our Thresholds & Pathways document today looking at Education & Learning. The full Thresholds & Pathways document can be accessed here.

Day 95 - Focus on Thresholds, Health - Our second focus on Thresholds & Pathways today looks at Health. The full Thresholds & Pathways document can be accessed here.

Day 96 - Focus on Thresholds, Emotional Health and Behaviour - The latest in our focus on Thresholds & Pathways series looks at Emotional Health and Behaviour. The full Thresholds & Pathways document can be accessed here

Day 97 - Focus on Thresholds, Parenting and Family - Our final focus on Thresholds & Pathway today looks at Family and Parenting. The full Thresholds & Pathways document can be accessed here

Day 98 - Think Family - When were working with families do we consider the needs to the adults and children in the family? Do you know what to do if you are a member of the children's workforce and have a concern about an adult? Read our protocol here

Day 99 - Graded Care Profile 2 - GCP2 is now live and being used in Northamptonshire - read more and learn how to book yourself onto GCP2 training. Click here

Day 100 - The Final Recap - We've reached the end of our 100 days of safeguarding, we hope that you have enjoyed the series. You can catch up with all the messages on these links here and here. Look out for more tweets from the NSCP.

Last updated: 05 January 2024

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