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Breast Ironing

What is Breast Ironing? Breast ironing or breast flattening, as it is often referred to—is believed to have originated in Cameroon but is also found in Nigeria, the Republic of Guinea, South...

CSE - information for professionals

CSE information and toolkits for practitioners and professionals working with children in Northamptonshire.

Domestic Violence and Abuse

NSCB Domestic Abuse Procedure Training for Professionals Domestic Abuse - Notifications to Schools Learning from Multi-Agency Case Audits involving Domestic Violence Support groups and organisa...

Early Help Assessment

What is Early Help Assessment or EHA? EHA is a simple way to help identify needs of children and families and make a plan to meet those needs. It is designed to be a shared tool which can be use...

Early Help Strategy 2015-2020

Northamptonshire has a new Early Help Strategy. This Strategy is for everyone working with Children and Young People in Northamptonshire. Early Help is never 'someone else's problem' and there i...

EHA Escalation Process

Advice for practitioners who are supporting a child/family through the Early Help Assessment and have an issue with the response of another organisation also involved.

Mental health

There are two useful websites to help professionals, practitioners and any adult working with children that are experiencing mental health issues.

Online Safety

Online Safety News You can view the latest version of the Online Safety newsletter here. How Safe Are Your Children Online? There has been a lot of great work across Northamptonshire s...

Procedures for Police

Key Procedures for Police The following links open the relevant chapters and pages of the NSCB online Procedures Manual.  Chapter 9 - Child Death Review and Response Arrangements Please rev...

Signs of Safety

Signs of Safety is an internationally successful model which will transform the way we work with children and families across Northamptonshire.

Thresholds and Pathways

Northamptonshire Thresholds and Pathways is part of a set of documents and tools designed to provide clear guidance to practitioners working with children, families and young people. It ensures the...

Toolkits for professionals

Access a range of NSCB toolkits to assist professionals working with children, young people and their families.


Online training Find out about the online training offered by the NSCB all of which is available free to Police staff.  Learning from Serious Case Reviews and Multi-Agency Case Audits ...

Young Carers Needs Assessment

Regulations came into force on 1 April 2015 which set out the responsibilities of Local Authorities for carrying out needs assessments of Young Carers: ‘Young Carers (Needs Assessments) Regulations...

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