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Toolkits for professionals

Access a range of NSCB toolkits to assist professionals working with children, young people and their families.

Identifying Bruising/Marks on Babies Toolkit

Anyone whose work brings them into contact with young children should be aware of risks and issues associated with young babies that appear to have bruises or orther marks:

View the NSCB Bruising/marks on non-mobile infants practice guidance

Download the Bruising/Marks Identification Tool (PDF)


Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Risk Assessment Toolkit

View the FGM Policy and Procedure (Link to the NSCB's Policies and Procedures Manual website)

Download the FGM Risk Assessment tool. (Word DocX)


Neglect Toolkit

This tool is for use by professionals for assessing children who may be suffering neglect. 

Download the NSCB Neglect Toolkit (PDF 1.5MB)

Download the Graded Care Profile (Word Doc 324 KB)

Download the NSCB Neglect Screening Tool (Word Doc 14KB)

View the NSCB's Neglect Policy and Procedure (Link to the NSCB's Policies and Procedures Manual website)


Self-Harm Procedure and Toolkit

The NSCB Policy and Procedure for Self Harm can be found here where you can also find a link to the Northamptonshire Toolkit for Supporting Children and Young People Presenting with Self-Harming Behaviours or Intent to Self-Harm on the AskNormen website.  or alternatively contact the NSCB Business Office on 01604 364036.


Safer Dogs Around Children Assessment Toolkit

View the NSCB's Safeguarding Children from Dangerous Dogs Practice Guidance.

Download the 'Safer Dogs Around Children Risk Assessment Toolkit (PDF)

Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation Toolkit (May 2015)

The Tackling CSE Toolkit has been designed for a range of different professionals as well as parents/carers and young people. Click the link to view the toolkit designed for you in your role:

Tackling CSE Toolkit for Educational Settings (Early years, primary and secondary)

Tackling CSE Toolkit for District Councils and the Hospitality Industry (includes info for Licensing Officers, Social Housing Officers, Hotel/guesthouse staff and Taxi Cab managers/drivers).

Tackling CSE Toolkit for the Voluntary Sector and Community Groups 

Tackling CSE Toolkit for Health Professionals (including A&E, Paramedics, School Nurses, Midwives, Health Visitors, Gynaecology, Mental Health, and more)

Tackling CSE Toolkit for Early Help and Prevention, Safeguarding and Children's Services

Tackling CSE Toolkit for Parents and Carers

Tackling CSE Toolkit for Young People

Last updated: 25 February 2020

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