LSCBLocal Safeguarding Children Board Northamptonshire

Revised Child Death Forms

The Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) has revised and refreshed it’s Bereavement Pack to support and inform bereavement families whose child has died. This pack is for use by professionals – particularly colleagues within our Acute Trusts and Police Child Protection Unit. The pack contains information explaining local child death processes and signposts parents to local and national bereavement support charities and supports information provided by The Lullaby Trust. Please print this pack and provide a copy to bereaved parents.

The CDOP Notification template (Form A) and Information Collation template (Form B), for completion by all relevant agencies, have been revised and refreshed in accordance with current practice and information gathering and are now more user friendly. Professionals are asked to remove any previous versions saved on their systems and these new forms used. Please be aware that any person submitting a completed a previous version template may well have the template returned and a request for this latest version to be used.

Last updated: 08 February 2023

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