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Recent changes:

We have also updated our name and logo. We used to be ‘Local Safeguarding Children Board Northamptonshire’ (LSCBN). We have shortened this to ‘Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board’ (NSCB).

We carried out research last autumn that showed a number of issues with the way we communicate and a lack of understanding about the role of the Board. Colleagues we spoke to said they wanted fewer email notifications, a more regular, focused newsletter and a better, friendly, welcoming website that would be the ‘go-to’ place for everyone with an interest in child safeguarding in Northamptonshire.

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Newsletters from NSCB and the Improvement Board:

About the NSCB e-Newsletter:
The NSCB e-newsletter provides practitioners with key safeguarding information, important learning from Serious Case Reviews and information about relevant training and events.

About the Northamptonshire Improvement Board Newsletter:
The Children’s Services Improvement Programme also produces a quarterly newsletter to give regular updates on its key improvement priorities and outcomes. For further information about the Improvement Board Newsletter please contact Catherine Noonan:

Last updated: 15 February 2016

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