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NSCB Neglect Strategy 2018 - 2020

The neglect of children and young people is one of the most difficult areas within the child care and protection field to identify, assess and intervene in. The impact of neglect on children and young people can be enormous. Neglect causes great distress to children, leading to poor health, educational and social outcomes as well as being potentially fatal. Lives are destroyed, children’s abilities to make secure attachments are affected and their ability to attend and achieve at school is reduced. Their emotional health and wellbeing is often compromised and this impacts on their success in adulthood and their ability to parent in the future.

The Northamptonshire Neglect Strategy has updated been developed to ensure our workforce (including services that work with vulnerable adults) is able to recognise neglect and provide an effective response which will improve outcomes for children, young people and their families. Integral in the strategy is the identification and engagement of families at the earliest opportunity by preventative services, including effective assessment and development of a clear action plan.

To accompany the Strategy a number of documents listed below will assist practitioners in ensuring children in Northamptonshire are safeguarded.

NSCB Neglect Toolkit

Guide to the Neglect Toolkit

NSCB Neglect Screening Tool

Graded Care Profile

NSCB Practice Guidance to Assessment of Neglect

Tea-Break Guide - Professional Curiosity / Parenting Capacity

Last updated: 03 July 2018

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