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CSE - Toolkit

The 'Tackling CSE Toolkit' is designed to assist frontline practitioners working with children in identifying Child Sexual Exploitation and taking appropriate action.

It provides:

  • a comprehensive overview of the causes of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE);
  • the risk factors for vulnerable young people so that frontline practitioner have raised awareness;
  • detailed advice on the approach frontline workers should take when they believe a young person is at risk of CSE;
  • guidance on completing the CSE assessment and how to refer to children's social services;
  • useful resources for professionals and practitioners.  

The ‘Tackling CSE Toolkit’ is available on the NSCB website with a specific version for each practitioner group: 

Image of Tackling CSE Toolkit document

Download the full version of the Tackling CSE Toolkit (includes all chapters)using the link below:

Last updated: 27 February 2017

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