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Safer Internet Day 2021

The 9th February is Safer Internet Day and theme this year is very topical, ‘an internet we trust’. With young people spending more time on the internet due to home schooling, now more than ever do we need to be conscious of safeguarding young people and children online. We are doing Safer Internet Day differently this year due to COVID 19 and have pre-recorded a Zoom session for all professionals that work with young people to access.

This mini-session by Simon Aston the online safety and wellbeing officer for Northamptonshire County Council covers:

• How can we encourage children and young people to challenge what they see online
• How can we safeguard young people online effectively
• What current threats do young people face online
• What challenges has COVID brought to safeguarding young people online
• And what’s new in resources

To access the session please follow the link and enter the code: 8lDxW&95

Please also have a look at the accompanying resource sheet and the hyperlinks, as we have included some amazing resources. If there are any issues please email

Thank you, keep safe and we hope you enjoy the session.

Click here to access the Safer Internet Day resource.

Last updated: 09 February 2021

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