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Managers – What Safeguarding Training We Offer You

Are you a manager or supervisor with responsibility for safeguarding? The NSCB offer a number of training courses both via our e-learning platform which are relevant and would be beneficial for you to undertake as part of your role.

E-Learning Courses

In the NSCB e-learning package all courses offer managers an overview of a range of safeguarding topics the below courses are specifically aimed at managers and can be completed free at a time to suit you.

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Information Sharing

This course aims to empower the learner to make the right decisions and provide them with the skills to share relevant and proportionate information in an effective way. Upon completion you will be able to; outline the key principals of information sharing, identify key policies and guidance, show awareness of opportunities to share information and demonstrate information sharing in practice.

Safeguarding and Leadership

This course is for operational managers at all levels and covers the following; safeguarding in service delivery, Section 11 of the Children’s Act, Multi agency safeguarding, Understand quality assurance, accountability and governance / reporting.

Safer Recruitment

This Safer Recruitment course teaches key points to protecting children in care. The module considers statistics relating to safer recruitment, the background to the introduction of the more robust safer recruitment processes, which followed the Bichard Inquiry, which looked at the recruitment of Ian Huntley in the Soham case. This course covers the legal requirement relevant to anybody involved in the recruitment of people who work with children, young people or vulnerable adults.

Strategic Managers: Integrated Working*

Over four million people in the UK work with Children, young people and families. The focus of this module is the integrated working between these people, why it is important, who it can affect and the most effective way to achieve this through the use of three main components. Common Assessment Framework (CAF), Information Sharing and Lead Professional.
*Managers should be aware that in Northamptonshire we use an Early Help Assessment rather than a CAF.

Last updated: 07 March 2019

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