LSCBLocal Safeguarding Children Board Northamptonshire

Vision and guiding principles

The NSCB's vision: “Working together to ensure all children and young people grow up in a safe environment.”

The NSCB's guiding principles are:

To be strategic:

  • Taking a broader and longer view;
  • Thinking thematically; and
  • Basing decisions on evidence and good data.

To be communicative:

  • Engaging with communities;
  • Listening to children and young people;
  • Listening to families and carers;
  • Informing the public;
  • Honesty with the media;
  • Listening to professionals; and
  • Providing feedback.

To be Open:

  • Constructively challenging each other;
  • Acting as ‘critical friends’;
  • Developing trust;
  • Being able to say things or ask questions without fear of ridicule; and
  • Developing respect.

To be focussed:

  • Acting non-bureaucratically; and
  • Delivering change at pace and quality.

To quality assure, allowing us to:

  • Monitor progress;
  • Be ambitious; and
  • Learn from deficits and strengths.

To manage risk:

  • Identifying potential risks;
  • Monitoring risks; and
  • Taking corrective actions.

To be resilient:

  • Being relentlessly attentive; and
  • Keeping with core aims, not chopping and changing.

Last updated: 14 March 2015

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