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FGM Strategy

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The term ‘Female Genital Mutilation’ (FGM) encompasses all procedures that either:

  • Fully or partially remove external female genitalia, or
  • Injure the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

FGM is usually carried out on girls between the ages of 5 and 14 years, but younger girls and adult women are sometimes victims of this procedure.

FGM is extremely traumatic. It can lead to serious, life-long physical and mental health problems.

Despite the difficulties with obtaining accurate and reliable figures on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM hereafter) we recognise that there are girls and women who live within Northamptonshire who have experienced FGM or are at risk of it happening to them.

Due to the impact that FGM has on the health, safety and wellbeing of girls and women, it is a priority for the Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board (NSCB).

This strategy outlines how we aim to prevent FGM from happening, improve services and professionals’ responses to women and girls who have undergone or are at risk of FGM, and ensure specialist support, information and advice is available to them.

The purpose of this strategy is not to duplicate any existing guidance, policy or procedures, but to strengthen our local response by setting out our vision for raising awareness, and improving our safeguarding of girls and women at risk of and affected by FGM, in partnership with community and faith groups.

This NSCB strategy will ensure a coordinated and joint approach is adopted to tackle the issues across Northamptonshire. Professionals and volunteers from all agencies have a statutory responsibility to safeguard children from being abused through FGM.

Last updated: 27 September 2016

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