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New Resources to Teach Children and Young People about the threat of CSE via Online 'Live Streaming' Platforms

To raise awareness of the emerging threat to children and young people of CSE and CSA via online ‘Live Streaming’ platforms, on 6th November, the CEOP Education team released a number of new Thinkuknow resources and session plans for use with young people to build their skills and resilience against this new threat.

Working with intelligence from within the Command, as well as reports received into the CEOP command from young people, we have been able to identify some of the key behaviours that are most prevalent on live streaming platforms. From this we have developed sessions and activities that aim to empower children and young people to better deal with pressure and manipulation online from adult offenders.

The area of live streaming presents a nuanced threat to children and young people due to the immediacy of contact and the large numbers of offenders and comments that young people are dealing with live, in real time.

The sessions and activities have been developed to support and educate different age groups, with the resources aimed at younger children focus on the behaviours associated with growing self-esteem and positive attention seeking, and the sessions for the 11+ age group focus on a case study of a live streaming scenario.

There have also been accompanying resources for parents to educate them about their children’s internet use and factsheets for professionals that provide context and information about live streaming.

The package of resources contain the following:

8-10 year olds: 30 min session on building confidence and self-esteem - issues that can be amplified online and often make children and young people more susceptible to unwanted attention

8-10 year olds: 30 min session on understanding the difference between good attention and bad attention - seeking lots of attention from followers and viewers to validate themselves is a risk factor

11-13 year olds: 1hour 30min session- can be delivered in separate blocks but preferable together. Case study of live streaming, activities focus on barriers to disclosing abuse, how to support a friend and what online sexual abuse is.

11-13 year olds: Article on identifying and dealing with pressure both internal and externally driven.

For all ages: Information on Reporting to CEOP – What can CEOP do to help – where to seek further advice and support


  • Presentation about live streaming to be delivered by professionals working with children
  • Guides to using live streaming apps
  • Articles about the risk and protecting factors for children

Professionals: All resources to be delivered by professionals working directly with children. A factsheet with information about live streaming will also be included in this package for your reference.

To gain access to the new resource package and for further information about online CSE and supporting children, you can register for a Thinkuknow account at:  

Last updated: 21 November 2017

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