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Ending Violence against Women & Girls

Prime Minister Theresa May has refreshed the 2010 Call to End Violence against Women and Girls Strategy. The document, published this year sets out a new set of objectives from Government, to make violence against women and girls everyone’s business.

The strategy is clear, with the aim to put more confidence in women to report and increase public confidence in the criminal justice system bringing more perpetrators to justice.

This year we have also seen the introduction of new legislation on coercive control in relation to domestic abuse, as case law around this topic build we will see more perpetrators being brought to justice for controlling behaviour as well as physical harm against partners. 

Government have pledged £80 million in funding to tackle the issue, this will include funding for refuge and some transformation funds, to support innovative and new approaches in supporting victims their families and prevent perpetrators from re-offending.

A link to the National Strategy can be found here.

In Northamptonshire, we are committed to ending Violence against Women and Girls and are currently in the process of refreshing our local strategy to ensure in line with that produced by the government.

The Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Partnership Board, formerly Interpersonal Violence Board, will lead on this area of work and have a number of strategic groups to support the specific aims and objectives under the key topic areas;

  • Domestic Abuse
  • Sexual Violence
  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • & Honour Based Abuse

Look out for the refreshed VAWG Strategy for Northamptonshire in the new year.

All the procedures and pathways for support can be found in the NSCB Procedures Manual.

Specialist training both face to face and e-learning can be accessed via the NSCB training pages.

Domestic Abuse in Northamptonshire

There are potentially more than 82,000 adults aged between 16-59 who have experienced domestic abuse and abuse in Northamptonshire*.

Domestic Abuse crimes recorded by Northamptonshire Police in 2015 – 16 makes up 11.5% of all crime recorded.

78% of females and 22% of males who present at A&E and urgent care for assault, the perpetrator was an ex-partner or partner*.

*Source: Northamptonshire Police, 2015-2016.

Last updated: 05 December 2016

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