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NSCB's New Website

This new website is currently in a test phase while we continue to populate it with content.

The test phase should be completed shortly. If you have any suggestions for content or feedback on technical issues, please use the feedback form below. 

This site was designed following research last autumn, which identified a number of issues with the way NSCB communicates. The clear message from respondents was that a new website was needed that would be the 'go-to' place for everyone with an interest in child safeguarding in Northamptonshire. In addition, respondents wanted to see all the safeguarding information most relevant to their role/profession contained within one section of the site. The navigation structure of the site is currently being set up in order to create these sections. 

Respondents also said they wanted a website that was 'friendly and welcoming' and where information was easy to find. A search engine and A to Z has been incorporated into the site to help navigate to website content easily. 

This website has a new website address:, please save it to your favourites in your browser.  This is different to the old website address which was The old website will run in parallel to the new site for a short while and will then be turned off. 

The Policies and Procedures Manual for NSCB will remain in the same place at Links to the Manual will be provided from the new site. 

Find out more about our communications changes and new e-newsletter.

Please use the feedback form below if you have any further queries about the website. 

Last updated: 26 March 2015

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