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Multi-agency working on CSE in Northamptonshire

An update on work recently undertaken by local agencies to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in Northamptonshire.

Since the last update in December, some important work has been delivered as part of our effort to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). A key element of this has been the development of a multi-agency CSE strategy. This sets out the commitment of the Board and its CSE and Missing Sub-group to do everything possible to identify, counter and prevent CSE and to support victims of this abuse.

The strategy identifies the following priorities:

  • Ensure a coordinated multi-agency response to CSE throughout Northamptonshire;
  • Raise awareness amongst professionals in universal and specialist services of their role in identifying and addressing CSE;
  • Raise awareness of CSE amongst young people and their parents and carers;
  • Map out the needs within the local community where young people are at risk; and
  • Provide enhanced support to victims to help disrupt offender rings and ensure justice for the victims and their families.

Work has already started on key areas of the action plan:

  • Northamptonshire Police are completing a CSE Problem Profile which will be shared with partners when complete.
  • Northamptonshire County Council has led on a mapping exercise of service provision for CSE
  • Health is leading on the production of a CSE resource toolkit for public and professionals to help identify CSE and offer support. This will be launched at a conference in May 2015.
  • A partnership CSE communications campaign has been developed to raise public awareness with specific targeting to hotels, taxi drivers etc.
  • A training needs analysis has been undertaken.

CSE Training:

The NSCB offers a number of training courses on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) delivered by Barnardo’s Training and Consultancy. All CSE training courses are currently fully booked. Further courses are planned for the coming year and will be posted on the NSCB training page on the Barnardo's website. For more information visit the NSCB training page on the Barnardo's website.

Last updated: 18 March 2015

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